Smooth or rough prostheses: which are the best?

Following the fraud that took place a few years ago with PIP prostheses, Health Authorities have multiplied the controls to the manufacturers and requires prior authorization before their commercialization. These breast implants have the consideration or qualification of biometric implants such as knee or hip prostheses, so their health requirements are very high. The material that … Continue reading “Smooth or rough prostheses: which are the best?”

Does the breast tend fall more due to breast prostheses?

This assumption has no foundation. After the placement, breasts will continue their normal evolution and with age will increase the sagging of the skin, although with the prosthesis said sagging will be less noticeable. What is modified throughout the years is the glands, not the prostheses. In addition, if the breast implants are placed underneath … Continue reading “Does the breast tend fall more due to breast prostheses?”

Differences between silicone prostheses and saline prostheses

When you are about to perform a breast augmentation, cosmetic surgery presents numerous options related to the type of prosthesis to be implanted. When the patient visits the plastic surgeon, the surgeon will give her recommendations based on the result she wants to obtain, body and breast shape, age and skin characteristics among other factors … Continue reading “Differences between silicone prostheses and saline prostheses”

How long does a breast prostheses last?

It’s necessary to clarify that, although it’s believed that the prostheses are designed to last forever, their lifespan will vary in each case depending on the users and the cares they have. Patients should know that it’s not necessary to change a breast implant unless it’s broken, presents a capsular contracture or if it has … Continue reading “How long does a breast prostheses last?”

How and where are breast implants placed?

Before discussing the placement of mammary prostheses, we will comment on the access routes, which are the areas where a small incision will be made to introduce the implant. To this date there are three approaches and, as in most cases, each has advantages and disadvantages. Areolar: The plastic surgeon will make a small incision … Continue reading “How and where are breast implants placed?”

How to detect a rupture of breast implants?

In many cases, the ruptures of the mammary prosthesis occur without any apparent symptom and precisely because of this that it’s advisable to do a check or review every year. If the prosthesis is less than ten years old and a rupture is suspected, a mammary ultrasound should be performed. It’s a low cost test, … Continue reading “How to detect a rupture of breast implants?”

Bandages after breast augmentation

When you leave the operating room to return home after the intervention, the breasts will be bandaged to ensure that the prostheses are in the proper position. Immediately after surgery, a dressing or bandage is usually placed around the breasts and chest or, in some cases, the plastic surgeon opts for a surgical bra. The … Continue reading “Bandages after breast augmentation”

Sunbathing after a breast augmentation

There are a number of recommendations or tips to follow after the breast augmentation intervention, including how and when to sunbathe after surgery. Your new look after the intervention is immediate, since this procedure has a very fast recovering process making reach the final result really quick. It is usually before three months, once the … Continue reading “Sunbathing after a breast augmentation”

Sex after a breast augmentation

Sex is a great motivation in the life of any person, and for that, many women who increase their breasts express the concern of how this surgery can influence the sensitivity of their breasts and their sex life. The first question is usually how long to wait for sex after breast augmentation and whether sex … Continue reading “Sex after a breast augmentation”

The recovery process after breast augmentation

The breasts of a woman represent, essentially, her femininity. Aesthetic preferences have been changing throughout history, however, the breasts of women, their shape and volume, have always been a sign of beauty. The reasons for a breast augmentation mammoplasty are varied, such as asymmetrical breasts, normal breast development, breast reconstruction, etc. However, the main reason … Continue reading “The recovery process after breast augmentation”