Sports after breast augmentation

Sports after breast augmentation

After breast augmentation surgery the patient should avoid movements that constrict the pectoral muscle for at least three weeks and after a month, she can gradually start again with sporting activities. You cannot start with a strenuous exercise routine on the first day to avoid discomfort.

It should be clear that during the first month after surgery the patient cannot perform intense sport. After this time period and provided that the recovery process has been right, you can do sport with a good sports bra. For women athletes who exercise vigorously may be advisable to put the implant over the pectoral muscle and it will prevent the prosthesis from deforming or displacing.

Do bodybuilding exercises suppose any problems for this kind of operation?

When the placement of the prosthesis is sub glandular or sub fascial, it does not pose any kind of problem. Moreover, the patient can take up exercises for pectoral muscles 30 days after breast augmentation. However, in the case that the implant is sub pectoral, it is not recommended to go on exercising chest area continuously after the operation. This circumstance is very important to discuss with the surgeon so that the surgeon knows about this sport activity and advises on the best option when choosing the operation technique.

Recommendations according to each sport


The patient should wait at least two months after surgery to start this activity again. To run or exercise what involves direct impact with the ground such as aerobics or step, you should use, in addition to a sports bra, a top to ensure greater support.


After a month you can take up dancing, but it should always be gradual. It is important that women know that breast prostheses can slightly change their centre of gravity. So types of dance which involve turning, may require a small adjustment period. Similarly, lifting the arms will be conditioned by the approach where the incision was performed because it will take longer when the scar is axillary.

Bodybuilding and fitness

The sub muscular implants are not suitable for women who do bodybuilding or build the pectoral muscle, because exercising that muscle too much could cause the prosthesis to go up or move, worsening the aesthetic appearance. These patients are recommended to place the prosthesis in the sub fascial or sub glandular plane. If they are positioned like that, you can take up a physical activity involving the pectoral muscle in four or five weeks. The patient should discuss with the surgeon her desire to do this type of training to properly plan the return to that activity.

Pilates and Yoga

Both Pilates and yoga can be taken up one month after surgery, however, the patient should be cautious the first few days with exercises in which the breast is exercised.


Patients who have undergone breast augmentation surgery can dive without any problems. It is important that the patient knows that the presence of breast implants might affect the buoyancy of the diver, an aspect that should be taken into account because it will require a little adjustment period.


Sometimes it is beneficial to do active and passive stretching in order to reduce tension in the pectoral muscle or fascia. The patient will be able to stretch the pectoral muscle, depending on the placement of the prosthesis- from two weeks after surgery in sub glandular prostheses, three weeks in the sub fascial prostheses and four weeks in sub muscular implants.


You will need a break of at least 45 days to start playing golf again, due to arm movements and the force you must use with your arms and the pectoral muscle.


You can start swimming again 45 days after surgery. Sometimes the area around ridges is still tight and the patient will perceive it especially when swimming breaststroke style. On the other hand, when the patient has axillary scar, the backstroke or front crawl can be annoying during in the first weeks. Sometimes, plastic surgeons advise not to swim in public pools until two months after the intervention, due to the risk of an infection in the surgical incision site. Similarly, the scar in the armpit takes longer to recover so you have to wait longer to return to swimming.

Racquet Sports

You can take up these sports two months after the intervention, although pectoral muscle stretching exercises are recommended before and after doing sport.

Contact sports

Women can do boxing, karate or other contact sports, as breast implants will not be damaged by a blow on the chest. Also, they will not move. In order to start doing these sports again, it is appropriate to wait at least two months after surgery.

Elite sports

Women who are engaged in elite sports should discuss with their plastic surgeon the possible impact that the operation may have on top-level sport. Depending on the surgery, there may be limitations in force in some movements.

Whatever sport you do, a conversation with the plastic surgeon will be necessary to clear all doubts concerning the practice of each sport after breast augmentation. The time to start doing sport and physical activities depend on the characteristics of the intervention and the type of exercise that the patient wants to do. It is also necessary that the patient knows that to start exercising again is often conditioned by the postoperative progress of tissue, and especially the anatomical placement of breast implants. The sub muscular implants require more downtime than sub fascial and sub glandular implants.

Postoperative recommendations differ greatly depending on the plastic surgeon. Some surgeons, after surgery, keep the chest wrapped with compression bandages for several days, restricting any activity involving raising arms above the head for two or three weeks. But this does not happen with surgeons who do not wrap the chest in bandages and allow women to raise their arms a few days after surgery.

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