Sex after a breast augmentation

Sex after a breast augmentation

Sex is a great motivation in the life of any person, and for that, many women who increase their breasts express the concern of how this surgery can influence the sensitivity of their breasts and their sex life.

The first question is usually how long to wait for sex after breast augmentation and whether sex can influence in any way the recovery process. Although it seems obvious, it should be clarified that it is not the same to have sexual relations, that touch or to press the zones intervened during the sexual relations. That is, you can have sexual intercourse as long as you do not touch your breasts during the first few days. It is advisable to wait at least 48 to resume sexual activity.

During intercourse you should not put pressure on the chest while the area is inflamed or if you feel pain. Extreme caution should be exercised in the first few days. It is advisable to not have direct contact with the breasts until the stitches are removed.

Normally, they can be touched very soft after the first ten days and, after three weeks, they can be touched with more force as the discomfort decreases. The soft touches on the breasts help the woman to normalize the sensitivity and the partner to lose the fear of touching the operated area. Sudden contact may cause pain or increase swelling.

For a few weeks there might be a hypersensitivity that can discomfort the nipples but it gradually disappears. When six or seven weeks have passed, you can touch or caress the breasts with the pressure that the person wants, as long as it doesn’t get annoying.

The contact with the breasts during the sex won’t hurt the woman nor will cause the prosthesis to break, rotate or displace. The pressure on the body of the couple doesn’t damage the implants in any way either.

How is sex after breast augmentation?

One of the risks of surgery is to lose the sensitivity in the breasts and the excitement of the contact. Depending on the procedure (areola, armpit or sub-mammary groove) you may feel more or less sensitivity in some areas than in others.

After breast augmentation, there are often temporary changes in breast tenderness. Its cause is the stretching of the nerve fibers located in the breasts. Although it’s unlikely, surgery can damage nerve fibers that provide sensitivity to the breasts.

On very rare occasions the loss of permanent sensitivity could happen. In contrast, there are other women that after the operation have more sensitivity in the nipple and areola and, according to the studies, it is due to the improvement in self-esteem, because it improves the body perception.

Patients frequently report that for the first weeks, sensory stimuli on the nipple feel annoying and even painful. It is normal to feel cramps motivated by the regeneration of the nerve pathways. When very large implants are placed, the risk of permanent alterations in the sensitivity of the breast is greater.

Women with high sensitivity in their breasts should discuss it with the surgeon.

Many women link their self-esteem with the shape or size of their breasts, therefore, if they feel that their breasts are more attractive, they will have more confidence when they have sex and they will have much more pleasant relations.

The advisable time to restart sexual relations depends on the general state, sensitivity and discomfort of each patient in the operated area.

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