Massages after breast augmentation

Massages after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most requested cosmetic surgery by women as well as one of the most attractive challenges for plastic surgeons, determined to achieve the desired breasts for their patients, knowing that, for many of them, is a symbol of beauty, femininity and self-esteem. We should note that there isn’t a pair of identical breasts; each has its own anatomy and it is normal that there are asymmetries between them. The challenge for plastic surgeons who work with BonoMedico is to meet the aesthetic taste of each of their patients such as volume, height, desired cleavage, turgor of skin and, ultimately, an attractive aspect.

It is usual that these surgeries cause fears in women that have decided to take that step. We must be aware that the quality of these prostheses has improved greatly in recent years, in both their covering and texture, which minimize deterioration. Also, the gel used has been improved as well, giving a more natural aspect and making them very safe in regards leaks and ruptures.

What should you know regarding massages after an augmentation?

  • It should be initiated within three weeks after surgery. It should never be started earlier, as it could affect the healing process.
  • A minimum duration of one month is recommended, or until your specialist thinks it’s appropriate. Sessions can be done once a day, with an approximate duration of 40 minutes for both breasts during the first week. After that first week, you could move to a second phase of 4 weeks duration, in which the sessions would last between 40 to 60 minutes, and repeating these massages from one to three times a day. If more time is necessary, you should see the doctor first, considering that you have to allow time for the tissues affected by the operation to recover as well as our own mind, fatigued by both mental and physical effort.
  • The massage should be applied by the patient herself. As a general rule, you should not go to massage clinics, unless your specialist prescribes a specialized center in such therapies.
  • Any kind of lubricants should be avoided. Oils or moisturizers can be used after the massage to relieve irritated skin as a result of massage, but nothing more.
  • Apply your massage in a zero distractions area.
  • The massage should be intense and deep in order to reach the area where the implant is, and it might be a little annoying and even painful. It is important to understand that, no matter how intense the massage is, the implant will never break.

How the massage must be applied

Imagine you are trying to make a balloon explode. You couldn’t do it with one hand. Well, what you have to do is to apply pressure on four points. Two thumbs will be two pressure points. The other four fingers of one hand will be the third pressure point and the four fingers of the other hand will be the fourth pressure point. It is suggested to have short fingernails to avoid harm. Then we proceed to locate the implant. It is in a deep zone, over the ribs.

Once we feel the implant, we immobilize it by pressing moderately. And it is at this moment where the therapeutic massage begins. Without releasing the implant, we will press in deeply, reaching the scar around the implant. Then let go and repeat rotating your hands a little, a few centimeters from the previous movement. Another gesture involves pushing from the side of the prosthesis, like trying to join both breasts at the center and then try to roll back on themselves with great force.

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