How do you feel your breast after the operation?

How do you feel your breast after the operation?

After the surgery, patients have a tight feeling in the breast area which in some cases can become painful. When the patient is very sensitive to pain, she should be given the necessary medications to calm her down. Massages are painful in the course of the first few days, but that is reduced and eventually gone within a few weeks. It is normal for swelling to occur in the operated area and usually a coloration of the skin, which is produced by the infiltration of blood. All of that disappears in two or three weeks. The newly operated breasts will appear taller and larger at the beginning of what they will be when they regain normalcy.

After three to five days, the patient can return to normal activities, except for intense exercise. It is even possible for the person to sleep on their stomachs after twenty days, although the area of the incision should not get wet until the stitches are removed and the area should be protected when bathing or taking a shower.

It is also normal for the patient to feel discomfort or tension because of the healing, and it is normal to have some itching or redness.

When the person wakes up from surgery, they are likely to experience dizziness due to anesthesia and may not have the ability to fully coordinate movements.

Tips for the post-surgery period

  • The phone number of your doctor should be at hand in case you have any doubts or questions.
  • It’s necessary for person to take you from the clinic to your house.
  • Be very clear about the medication intake schedules.
  • It is important for someone to assist the patient the first night and, if possible, help her during the first three days, especially if she has children.
  • If possible, avoid to have the surgery during the menstruation cycle to avoid the discomfort that intimate hygiene may require.
  • You should not drive until your doctor tells you to.
  • It is necessary to prepare in advance clean towels, ice packs, comfortable clothes, bandages and everything that can will used during the recovery period.
  • It is important to consult with the doctor if a special diet should be followed after the intervention because there are foods that benefit the recovery in the first days and others that should be avoided.
  • Exercise and extreme physical activity should be avoided until the surgeon approves it.
  • Extreme temperatures of cold or heat should be avoided too.
  • Various activities should be planned for entertainment such as watching television, movies, reading a book or making a puzzle. Such activities help keep the mind busy, to distract it from the discomfort and pain and will make the recovery more enjoyable.

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