Does the breast tend fall more due to breast prostheses?

Does the breast tend fall more due to breast prostheses?

This assumption has no foundation. After the placement, breasts will continue their normal evolution and with age will increase the sagging of the skin, although with the prosthesis said sagging will be less noticeable. What is modified throughout the years is the glands, not the prostheses.

In addition, if the breast implants are placed underneath the muscle, the weight of the prosthesis does not affect the skin, which produces a smaller fall compared to the cases where the prostheses are above the muscle, directly below the gland.

Implants help to correct breast fall

It’s also necessary to remember that augmentation mammoplasty helps the sagging breasts to be corrected because it helps to fill the skin excess by increasing and filling the upper skin of the breasts.

It can be concluded that with breast implants the breast will not totally fall but on the contrary, this surgery will help to correct the shape, location and esthetics of the breasts.

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