Does breast augmentation changes the size of the nipple?

Does breast augmentation changes the size of the nipple?

Breast augmentation is a process that can affect the size of the areolas, which slightly increase the diameter due to the pressure prosthesis have on the skin. Also, the nipple may seem a little further out, though almost imperceptibly. This happens especially in the first three months, until the breasts reach a soft and natural level.

The size of the breasts is different in all women as well as the size of the nipples, and, in some cases, may be too much areola and in other almost nothing of it. Because of these differences, many women want to have perfect breasts and therefore undergo plastic surgery. There are surgeries in which you can change the size of the nipple.

The nipple is modified not only with breast augmentation, although in this situation is minimal, but also as a result of breastfeeding, aging or hormonal changes. All these changes, especially the enlargement of the nipple, can be quite uncomfortable for women who suffer it and can led them to use clothes that disguise.

Surgeons use a technique called three flaps that aesthetically reshapes the nipple. The technique consists of make three triangles and putting them together to make a new nipple. The accepted dimensions for the diameter must not exceed ten millimeters since the usual and common is between five and eight. As for the height, it should not be greater than nine millimeters, it ranges typically from six to eight millimeters.

If the nipples are not reduced after six months of the surgery, although such cases are very rare, a nipple reduction can be performed, which is a fairly quick surgery, because it’s ambulatory, chest is kept covered during a week and two weeks later the stitches are removed. In almost every case these surgeries achieve the desired results.

There is also a nipple augmentation surgery, for both men and women to change, the size of the nipple. This type of surgery is commonly performed in combination with other cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation. The plastic surgeon is responsible for expanding the nipple to match the size and shape of the areola all together with increased breast in order to get a more harmonious and natural appearance.

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