Breast Augmentation in Fort Worth TX

Breast Augmentation in Fort Worth

How to select the most adequate implant for a breast augmentation in Fort Worth

Selecting implants is one of the core fundamentals that is done for breast augmentation in Fort Worth. It is just as important, that part of it depends on how successful the augmentation mammoplasty becomes.

Throughout the history of breast implants, in the beginning years it became very popular, the implants that were utilized were smooth-not textured-, round and filled with silicon instead of saline solution. Nonetheless, with time this has significantly improved.

Breast augmentation in Fort Worth
Selecting implants is one of the core fundamentals that is done for breast augmentation in Fort Worth

During the pre-op, the idea for women who decide to have breast augmentation in Fort Worth, is that their implants are in harmony with the physical and characteristics of their body, and to also appear as natural as possible.

Apart from the above, they must also solve certain doubts in regards to what is the best brand of implants, if it can detect a tumor, are they dangerous, can a rip be detected or if they can even explode on an airplane.

From the desire of naturalness aforementioned, was that specialist began to think of an alternative and that is where anatomical implants was born, they were originally initiated intended for women who needed reconstructive surgery. The first results were very successful and were started to be used more frequently.

Before undergoing surgery of this type, the patient should consult their surgeon if it is a possibility of a breast augmentation done if you have a family history of cancer. Also if the size of the nipple will be modified or if you can still perform mammograms after breast augmentation.

The main goal of breast augmentation in Fort Worth is to achieve an increase in breast size, in harmony with the size of the woman.

Another of the issues that are presented to both the patient and the surgeon is to choose what is best for the specific case if it be an anatomic implant or round; And the specialist may get different results in the same patient using one or the other, so you must decide on one that is more natural and that harmonizes with the body of the woman.

breast augmentation in Fort Worth
The patient has to follow the instructions given by the plastic surgeon before the operation

The price, size or duration of the implant, each of the different types of implants has its positive details. For example, in the case of round implants, it has the ability to fill the top of the breast and tends to flatten. This is, therefore, one of the most requested by patients because it gives volume and the result is very natural.

Next we will detail the characteristics of each of these implants for a broader picture of them.

Contoured or Anatomical Implants

They are characterized by a teardrop shape. Women who use this type of implant are traditionally those whose constitution is thin and have little bust or those who want to rebuild the breast due to an accident or after a mastectomy after breast cancer. However, these implants has evolved greatly and today can satisfy any woman.

They are filled with silicone gel high cohesiveness with a layer of very strong and stable housing. One of its virtues is that at the top do not have the same amount of filler in the bottom, so when placed on the patient, gives a finer appearance and falls almost straight to the nipple, that is, projects more outside.

breast augmentation in Fort Worth
It is not recommended to undergo breast augmentation surgery in Fort Worth before you are 18 years old

In the market there are a wide variety of anatomical implants that are designed according to each type of woman: high, low, thin, bigger. The point that experts make clear is that no woman has round breasts.

The height and width of the anatomical implants are totally different from the round, so they have the ability to adapt to the anatomy of the breast, the symmetry of the woman and what she wants.

Such is the diversity of anatomical implants offered that to make the best decision, the patient should go to the plastic surgeon so that together they determine what the best option according to their physical characteristics. What we should be clear is that a slight increase is recommended, but is visible, notorious, and at the same time, natural and proportionate.

Round Implants

Unlike anatomical, having more ratio on one side of the implant, in the case of round opposite happens. Here cubic centimeters are perfectly distributed throughout your space. Its base is a perfect circle where the width and height are the same.

Before the operation, the patient has to undergo a series of different medical tests and laboratory analysis.

By placing these implants in breast augmentation in Fort Worth, the result is a uniform within both the top and bottom; the volume is slightly more pronounced, making it more visible. Its appearance is not as natural as in the previous case.

One advantage, however, is that if it becomes a displacement or rotation occurs, there is no risk of an asymmetry, because as it is round, regardless of the side on which it moves, will not cause undesired effect on women, as might be feared folds or “rippling” in the bust.

breast augmentation in Fort Worth
Round implants are recommended for women who have breasts with volume, but are somewhat fallen, sliding, gland or at the bottom

Round implants are recommended for women who have breasts with volume, but are somewhat fallen, sliding, gland or at the bottom. This happens especially in patients who are breast-feeding their children or to those who breastfed for the first time or more than one.

What type of bra should be used after breast augmentation in Fort Worth?

The right bra is an important piece in the recovery of breast augmentation.

Once taken into account anesthesia to be used and the duration of breast augmentation operation, the proper use and choice of a bra enables the patient, who must have a minimum age required to have a faster postoperative. Behoove with the doctor is an important key to this recovery after breast augmentation.

Mentioned in other articles out of the clinic is recommended that the patient wear a bra that must meet certain requirements and characteristics that allow a successful recovery after surgery breast augmentation in Fort Worth.

The right bra is an important piece in the recovery of breast augmentation in Fort Worth.

It is always not a good idea for the patient to buy a bra without the consultation of the doctor. It should always be advised by the specialist, who will explain what features should have such support, shape and even color.

breast augmentation in Fort Worth
As soon as the decision to undergo surgery is made, it is very important to stop smoking

It should be remembered that out of surgery, the patient bandages that have placed the doctor will be removed when deemed appropriate, usually on the third day of the intervention. The doctor must remove them and not the patient, and that will take place when the surgeon decides that the time is right, from which women begin to use the bra.

This bra is not exclusive breast augmentation operations, but also in reducing or reconstruct breasts surgery. A good choice of the same pacesetter in all these details for the postoperative process is a success.

What is the appropriate bra to use after surgery? Here are some considerations to be taken into account when choosing details:

Medical prescription:

As previously mentioned the recommendations of the doctor are important for good acquisition. It is not a fashion, it is a piece that will help support the newly operated breast. Once the bandages have been removed, then you should immediately place the brassiere, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Safety and Securing:

You must protect the area, especially of sudden movements that occur inadvertently. Initially, doctors recommend the use of sports bras without hoops, because of the subject that give security and the type of fabric which are manufactured.


breast augmentation in Fort Worth
Following an intervention of breast augmentation in Fort Worth, sensitivity in the area is very high

Following an intervention of breast augmentation in Fort Worth, sensitivity in the area is very high, also sometimes there is pain, so it is requested that the piece be very comfortable for the patient.

It is imperative that the patient will side with those pieces that are comfortable, that allow you to feel good, that do not squeeze the area, especially in the submammary, especially when the approach and implant placement has been out there. The bra cup should be plastic or material that fits the size of the breast.

You must protect the area, especially of sudden movements that occur inadvertently.

It should be remembered that during the postoperative patient uses a bra all day or during the time the doctor has said. Normally, this should be carried for a month.

Massaging after an operation provide several advantages, one of the many benefits of a bra, it provide firmness, it has the ability to exert some pressure steadily in the breast, which helps to form no hematomas and inflammation is decreased.

If the breast is still prone to inflammation, then the doctor will ask the patient to use the bra 24 hours a day, even sleeping; After a few weeks, and always under the recommendations of its expert, you can take it off for the night to rest, as long as it is not annoying to women have bare breasts.

breast enlargement in Fort Worth
Massaging after an operation provide several advantages

Before the question of why bras should be rimless, doctors explain that when ushering the implant is made in the submammary, the heart tends to drop a little, then the area remains sensitive and pain may increase if an underwire bra used.

When using an underwire bra it also prevents the healing process to be carried out and thus take longer to heal the wound, also affecting the way you heal-which can be used for tanning-. That’s why doctors recommend that underwire bras should be used at least two months after surgery.

However, once the wound in the submammary has healed, you can use bras with underwire, which are known as “push-up” and other different styles and types that exist in the market, with which the patient feel more comfortable. After the recovery time women can choose to use or not a bra with underwire, because one of the benefits of breast augmentation is creating a rounded bust, objective of the underwire bra effect.

Type of Material:

Preferably, this sports bra should be cotton, with straps that are adjustable and seamless. The aim is that the patient has no discomfort.

Use of Sports Bras:

This will depend on how the surgeon sees the evolution of the capsule. If you see that it is very thin then it recommends a rule, the use of a bra with underwire; if the capsule is very strong, then the doctor determines that no bra, but a kind of tape that is placed in the upper chest is not used. In either case, the purpose is always prevent capsular contracture.

The Band

It can also be given if the doctor does not prescribe the use of a bra, but a band compression that helps lower the breast that has been a bit high after breast augmentation in Fort Worth. This is used, especially when the path for the introduction of the implant has been in the armpit.

Breast enlargement in Fort Worth
It should be noted that currently used breast implants are completely safe

The band is elastic and has Velcro. It is placed around the chest and exerting some downward pressure to begin searching for the desired effect: that breasts are a natural level.

Regarding the use of this band, you should only take place when the doctor so decides, in rare cases, because the breast naturally descends alone. It is understood at this point that their use is exclusive of certain cases, especially those where the doctor so determined. Similarly, the patient should use the time the specialist noted.

It is not recommended that women use the band if the doctor has not given the approval to do so, because with this the only thing it causes is that the results acquired with so much effort and sacrifice worse. It is important to set out in this section that every woman has different recommendations for each of them reacts differently to the operation, there is treatment, postoperative and use of the brassiere also vary and are personal, not being worth the recommendations of one patient to another.

Type of brassiere according to the operation performed

This is a very common question, but it is important in the development of the subject. He had already mentioned that as there are women who bust increase, there are also others that seek to reduce it, or in other cases, rebuild it when they have been victims of trauma or accident.

That is why we will detail below what kind of bra is the most adapting in the following cases:

Breast Reduction

Yes, there are women who seek to reduced breasts. Surgery itself is not at all complicated. Usually the incision is made in the midriff or inframammary sulcus. It is important, therefore, that in this case women do not use under any circumstances underwire bras at the bottom, as mentioned in all this is contributing to the healing process is delayed.

The period of time the patient will use this type of support depends on what your doctor prescribes or until the swelling is no longer present in the operated area.

Breast Lift

breast enlargement in Fort Worth
In the case of breast lift, generally, the doctor also advises a bra without rims

In this case, generally, the doctor also advises a bra without rims. In this type of intervention tends to generate within edemas that can complicate the picture, so a sports bra without hoops is the most recommended garment. The support should always use until the edemas alone, that is, until you no longer have inflammation disappear.

Reconstructive Surgery

In this case, the specialist will recommend the use of a sports bra, which should be strengthened with top sports so that there is more security in this regard. One advantage is that these brassieres are manufactured fabrics are breathable and sweat-absorbent, so that side the patient will not have drawbacks.

The importance of electing a right brassiere

Beyond fashion trends, following an intervention of breast augmentation in Fort Worth, women should always find those specialty stores brassieres when choosing the brassiere will continue to use once the plastic surgeon has said that it can take the bra you prefer. It is no longer a passing thing, applies only to the recovery period or while you are off work and return to sport after breast augmentation, but extends to the entire life of the patient. This bra must fulfill a dual function: on the one hand must allow newly operated breasts look great, but above all, that the patient feel comfortable.

breast enlargement in Fort Worth
Breast Implants can be round or anatomical (teardrop shaped)

To choose the right bra for every woman, it must first be sure to cover the size which is given by the circumference of the chest; then you must choose the cup. Patients often seek class B, but the cup ends up being C. It is in all those details that we must pay special attention too.

Many patients make this mistake, but actually when looking for a bra you must first take into account the size, fabric type and where the seams are located.

Breast augmentation in Fort Worth is a surgery that does not have many risks.

If you decide on a support ring the doctor should be notified to indicate whether or not it is the best. The detail to consider in this specific point is that the ring will not fall over the cup: it is not recommended as it leaves a mark that gives the appearance of cutting the breast in two, so the hoop, in any case, you must be in the lower support in the submammary.

Following is a series of recommendations to choose a good bra:

  • Commonly brassieres are fastened by the back row. In this case, buy the patient should preferably be fastened to the front, also from very wide down to have a little more support.
  • In the glasses should not be any stitching or ornament exert extra pressure on the breast; In addition, the edges of the bra should be smooth, because when the skin still going through a time of healing, nothing should affect him or stop him.
  • The cups should be as comfortable as possible.
  • Neither the patient should opt for brassieres those who only have half of the cup, ie they are very low cut. In the case of women with breast augmentation should be full cup.
  • When the patient will acquire the bra should try it on and raise arms, making any kind of movement that if a nuisance arises, then it is not the right piece. Nor should slide.
  • The lower band of the bra should fit the body perfectly, because of being very tight risk when lifting the arms climb it runs. And finally, another requirement is that this band should be strong enough to compensate for the lack of rings.
  • The blank and filled bra is the perfect piece for women who are at the stage postoperatively.

Breast Reduction

While there are many patients seeking surgery to increase breast size-or rather they try using home remedies such as food, exercise or massages-, there is also a group of them seeking to reduce, and even seems to be a very common intervention.

breast augmentation in Fort Worth
The breast implants can be inserted through a small incision in the areola

Women who resort to breast reduction have every reason to do so. It is not merely aesthetic, but sometimes it endangers their physical well-being.

One of the most powerful reasons that drives a woman to reduced breast is breast hypertrophy, which implies for the patient excessively large breasts that bring endless consequences in women who suffer, not only in the body but also psychological.

First, we must talk about the physical consequences of having large breasts. Having overweight in the front of the chest, upper level, where the sinuses are located, what most affects it is the backbone.

That excess weight is what produces what is called kyphosis, or what is popularly known as curvature of the spine. In short what happens is that it becomes deformed.

The curvature of the spine which seeks to balance the weight, so when there is an excess in the front what causes the spine to become deformed to the point that it is also likely to be present with osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis, or as it is commonly known as arthritis, is a cartilage wear that protects the bones so that they do not rub against each other. With the disappearance of the tissue, pain and bone growth in the same bone parts appear, what is known as spurs, allowing deformation.

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