Best bra to use after breast augmentation

Best bra to use after breast augmentation

One of the most frequently asked questions after a breast augmentation intervention is what type of bra should be used after the procedure. Before answering this question, the best thing we can recommend is to ask the plastic surgeon to suggest the most convenient bra. The best advice for this question is to consult your plastic surgeon who will tell you the best bra for your specific case. Below we will just try to provide a guideline in case you haven’t get a proper explanation.

After the breast augmentation intervention, the patient will come out with bandages prepared by the surgeon or his medical team. All indications must be strictly respected and keep them until the same doctor indicates it. It should be the doctor or his or her team who removes the bandages. You should wait until the specialist advice you to start using the bra.

It is very important to choose the right bra after your breast augmentation, elevation, reduction or reconstruction operation. An appropriate selection can help to decrease post-operative discomfort and healing speed.

How to find the right bra?

A good bra should meet the following specifications:

  • Comfort: because the area being treated is very sensitive, and sometimes painful, the bra should be comfortable.
  • Fastening and safety: you must protect the area properly avoiding excessive movement.
  • Plastic surgeons will initially recommend sports bras without rims. Depending on your recovery process, a change of bra can be advised.
  • The sports bra must be adapted to the response that the surgeon observes in the formation of the capsule. If the capsule is very thin it is recommended a tennis bra with rings, while if it is very strong some surgeons advise not to use any type of bra but to place a tape on the upper chest.
  • Elastic and soft material: seamless and with adjustable straps, so that women can adapt it to their figure.
  • When selecting the size, you will have to take into account both the contour and the cup of the fastener. It is important for the patient to acquire the bra before surgery so she can wear it after the bandages are removed or directly after the end of the procedure, as recommended by her doctor. This bra must have adjustable straps for greater attachment and adaptability. It should not have rings, nor rigid seams.
  • It should not have any rims
  • Elastic cups: so it can be adapted to your new body contour.
  • Medical prescription: follow your doctor’s recommendations.

How are bras after the surgery?

It is advisable for the patient to acquire the bra before undergoing the operation and put it on right after the bandages are removed, unless otherwise prescribed by the plastic surgeon.

In the post-intervention period of surgery with implants, it is usually recommended to use the bra day and night for at least a one month.

The bra, besides performing its fastening function, also makes a slight, constant pressure, which contributes to decrease the edema or swelling of the chest. As long as you feel discomfort or the breasts become inflamed, the bra will need to be used 24 hours a day. After a month, you can fall asleep without a bra as long as it is not annoying for you.

We must insist that this bra will help to reduce the edema that has appeared after the breast augmentation operation, since it will make a slight pressure on the breasts. Ultimately, the bra will not only perform the fastening function but will contribute to reduce the swelling of the intervened area as well.

Why should the bras be rimless?

In this kind of surgery, the height of the sub-mammary sulcus is usually modified in the lower part of the chest, descending it. The rim bra presses on the new sub-mammary sulcus, which is in the process of healing. The use of bras with rims during the first four weeks can modify the correct healing of the new groove, which is why it is not advisable to use them. Rim brass should be avoided for at least two months after the operation.

Because of the above, it is not good to wear a bra that could change the sub-mammary groove, at least until it is fully healed inside, which can take around four weeks. Once the area has healed, you’ll be able to wear rim bras, wonder bras, push-ups or others. The sub-mammary groove, i.e. the lower part where the breast begins, after the breast augmentation surgery, is in a new, lower position. Keep in mind that if you didn’t lower your breast and only put the prosthesis, the chest would be too high.

After a month of the surgery, the rim bra can be used about three times a week and after two months, any bra can be worn.

Actually, women with this surgery can stop using rim bras for good since the implants fulfill the purpose of creating a wide and rounded base in the breast, which is precisely the effect that a rim bra seek to achieve.

What is a compression band?

Sometimes the surgeon doesn’t prescribe the use of a bra but instead a compression band. This band is used when it’s necessary to help lower an implant that is a little high. Its use is more frequent when the access route where the incision was made is the axilla. This elastic band has a Velcro and is placed around the breast so that it presses towards the belly.

This band is placed in a way that it surrounds the chest and presses towards the inferior pole of the breasts. In any case, its use is exceptional, since as a rule, breasts descend naturally and without having to use such a compression band.

Regarding the form of its use, it will be necessary to be under the instructions of the plastic surgeon, not being equal in all the assumptions. In some cases, it is used in specific timeframes and, in other cases, it is prescribed 24 hours a day and for a period that can exceed four weeks. In any case, its use should only be done if recommended by the plastic surgeon, otherwise, it could significantly worsen the results achieved.

Why are there different recommendations?

We should and must consider that each patient and the clinical procedure applied it’s very different from one to another and recommendations depend on how the surgery went and the patient’s needs. In short, depending on each case, of each patient, we can reach very diverse situations: in some cases the plastic surgeon will recommend the patient to use the bra in a determined and different way to that of another patient, in fact, it may be recommended that the patient wear the rim bra from week one or use the compression band.

Breast Reduction

In general, the use of sports bras and rimless bras are recommended, since, as we have said, the intervened areas tend to swell, reason why the use of these sports fasteners will exert a constant pressure on the affected area, helping the healing process. The timeframe will also depend on each case and its recovery process. As a general rule, it must be used as long as there is swelling and always under the supervision of the plastic surgeon. We insist on the idea to not wear rim bras to avoid any inconvenience during the healing process.

Breast lifting

During post-surgery period, a sports bra, without rings, should be used, since the breast has a tendency to form an edema. The fastener makes a constant hold and pressure that prevents and decreases inflammation in the breasts.

The time that the sports bra must be worn while wearing it day and night will depend on the evolution of the breasts and should always be used while the breasts remain inflamed.

Breast reconstruction

The sports bra is also the one that must be used in the reconstruction of the breast, no matter the reconstructive technique was used.

In the same way, whenever you do sports, it’s necessary to use these kind of bras, which should be reinforced with a sports top. Today, there are specially designed bras and tops with transpiring fabrics that pressure the breasts and help with physical exercise or sport. Both the bra and the top will be very comfortable to use will applying the required pressure.

How should you choose a rim bra after a breast augmentation?

Generally, women tend to choose B cup bras, which are the most common, making sure that the breast fits in the cup. The correct thing to do is to first look for the size corresponding to the perimeter of the thorax below the chest and, later, the suitable cup. This cup doesn’t usually coincide with a B but with a C or even a D. Women need to make sure that, when the bra is removed, there are no marks on the middle of the breast, instead, the marks should be presented in the groove. If this is not taken into account, the ring would tend to reduce the chest’s width, leaving less and less space for the prosthesis, which may cause, over the course of the time, a deformation. That is, the ring should rest on the the sub-mammary groove.

In accordance with the above, as a practical recommendation for choosing, measuring and acquiring bras after a breast intervention, they should be suitable for use after the operation or during subsequent weeks, according to the instructions of the plastic surgeon:

  • Conveniently, they must be open in the front and wide at the bottom.
  • No seams on the cups and with soft edges to avoid skin damage.
  • They should facilitate access to the operated area and it would be advisable not to have brackets on the back that may be uncomfortable when resting.
  • The cups should be designed so that the woman can feel comfortable and confident. Differences may possibly be noted between the bra that was normally used and the other to be used after surgery.
  • Bras are usually half-cup, however, post-operation bras are usually full-crowned, covering the entire chest and even higher.
  • When a woman tries a post-operation bra, she should not simply look in the mirror, but should move her arms upward in order to make sure the lower strap of the bra doesn’t slide up.
  • Make sure that the lower strap is properly adjusted. If it is too large, it will slide up.
  • The lower strap must be stronger to compensate for the lack of rims.
  • Make sure the cups hold the breast well.
  • The unfilled white bra is the perfect for testing the prosthesis.
  • Black bras could be harder to test since you can’t see much of the discrepancies in the mirror.

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