Bandages after breast augmentation

Bandages after breast augmentation

When you leave the operating room to return home after the intervention, the breasts will be bandaged to ensure that the prostheses are in the proper position.

Immediately after surgery, a dressing or bandage is usually placed around the breasts and chest or, in some cases, the plastic surgeon opts for a surgical bra. The patient should use the surgical bra or a soft support bra as long as the surgeon recommends. The bra containing the chest should not tighten the treated area. An adjustable velcro-type band is frequently used to help push the breasts to the lower pole with the aim of promoting the roundness of the prostheses in the area of the sub mammary sulcus and preventing the implants from being placed high in the thorax.

At the same time as this dressing is used, drainage tubes are also left in the breasts to remove fluid that may remain after surgery and both the dressing and the tubes will be removed after three or four days. The patient should be careful to not wet the bandage.

At 48 or 72 hours after the breast augmentation surgery, the patient should return to the plastic surgeon who will remove the bandage and replace it with a special sports-type bra, which will be used day and night, even for sleeping, during the whole month following the operation. This special bra can be removed for bathing. After the month, the special bra will only be used during the day. Using this type of special bra may be one of the most annoying postoperative things, but it is necessary for the implants to have firmness and keep them in their place.

When will the stitches be removed?

The stitches are usually removed after seven to ten days after the breast augmentation operation, and always at the doctor’s clinic. It’s the physician or the nursing team of the care center who must remove the stitches when the doctor indicates it after evaluating the breast and its healing process.

Stitches after breast augmentation surgery

The surgical stitch also known as a suture point is used to close wounds caused on the skin, internal organs, blood vessels and all other tissues affected by the incision through which the prosthesis is inserted. The stitch is placed in the wound to restore the integrity of the treated part of the body and promote the firm attachment of its parts that remain closed and thus heal.

Doctors use the stitches to sew both sides of the wound. After joining the two edges of the wound, the plastic surgeon will tie a knot with the thread so that they stay together until the incision heals. Doctors can use different types of threads, called sutures, from different type of material such as: nylon, silk and vicryl. This last type of thread dissolves in the skin, so it is not necessary to remove stitches. However, in most cases of an augmentation mammoplasty, the vicryl is not used and the patient should return to the clinic to have the stitches removed.

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