Risks, problems and complications of breast augmentation

Breast enhancement surgery is a safe procedure as long as it is performed by doctor who is qualified and experienced. However, as with any surgery, there can always be complications or associated risk. Although they are quite rare cases, it is important that the patient be aware that unfortunate cases such as rotation or breast … Continue reading “Risks, problems and complications of breast augmentation”

What is capsular contracture?

There are possible complications from the surgery itself as infections, bruising, problems with cicatrization, bleeding and there is another complication derived exclusively from breast implant placement as capsular contracture. Capsular contracture or encapsulation of the implant is the main concern in some patients who want to undergo breast augmentation surgery. It is a complication that … Continue reading “What is capsular contracture?”

Can I have breast surgery if I have a family history of breast cancer?

Women who are interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery but have serious doubts because there is a history of women with breast cancer in their family, should know that the intervention does not increase the risk of developing it in the future. Patients with this family history can increase their breast with prostheses but should … Continue reading “Can I have breast surgery if I have a family history of breast cancer?”

Pre-operative period for breast augmentation

The purpose of a breast augmentation surgery is to achieve an increase in breast size and to keep the right proportion according to the woman’s size, as well as her constitution and to try to respect the patient’s wishes. In short, the purpose of these interventions is to significantly improve the woman’s figure, helping her … Continue reading “Pre-operative period for breast augmentation”