Anesthesia for breast augmentation

One of the most important factors in plastic surgery is anesthesia which is to be used in each case. Therefore it is important that the patient is adequately informed on this issue to avoid surprises and gain a better understanding of the whole process. In recent years there have been a lot of medical advances … Continue reading “Anesthesia for breast augmentation”

Anatomy of the breast

The anatomy of the breast is composed of the following parts: a mammary gland, a layer of fat cells and a skin layer, which is all covered by a network of vessels and arteries. The mammary gland The mammary gland has the appearance of a yellowish or gray mass, which becomes flattened from front to … Continue reading “Anatomy of the breast”

Foods and diet that increase breast size

There is plenty of information about food and diet which can increase breast size but first we must note that in lots of cases this information doesn’t always get the desired results. Although it is increasingly common, not all women decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery or mammoplasty because of the risks or complications that … Continue reading “Foods and diet that increase breast size”