Pain after breast augmentation surgery

During breast augmentation surgery, if the implant is placed in front of the pectoral muscle discomfort will be minimal and the patient can return to their daily activities within a few hours of the operation. But if the implant is placed behind the muscle it can lead to chest pain which will need to be … Continue reading “Pain after breast augmentation surgery”

Prices of breast augmentation

There are numerous factors that influence the price of breast augmentation and some of them do not have an objective measure such as the experience or skills of the surgeon. These factors which determine how much a breast augmentation are following: The quality of the implants used as the price of breast augmentation can vary … Continue reading “Prices of breast augmentation”

Wrinkled or rippling breasts

The word rippling comes from the verb “to ripple” which means undulate or wave. In this case, the term is used to describe the appearance of wrinkles, folds or corrugations in the prosthesis after breast augmentation. A few months or years after breast augmentation surgery some patients experience very unaesthetic wrinkles on their breasts called … Continue reading “Wrinkled or rippling breasts”

Massage to increase the breast

Rotary or circular type massage for breast augmentation Before performing any type of massage for breast enlargement it is recommended to warm your hands a little to make the contact more pleasant. The massage should always be started in a clockwise direction for about five minutes and once completed start again in the opposite direction. … Continue reading “Massage to increase the breast”

History of breast augmentation surgery

The history of breast augmentation and its regulation is starring the manufacturers of these devices and the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA for its acronym in English). But there are other ‘actors’ in this story such as legal experts, the media, Wall Street, public interest groups, Congress and undoubtedly medical specialists in … Continue reading “History of breast augmentation surgery”

Exercises to increase the breast

Exercises without weights to increase breast size Standing Exercise: with your right hand you should grab your left forearm on the inside just below the wrist and with left hand hold your right forearm just below the inside of the wrist. You should make inward pressure with one arm and press outwards with the other … Continue reading “Exercises to increase the breast”

Exercises to increase breast without surgery

Women’s breasts begin to grow from the onset of puberty until they are fully physical developed. Generally their size will depend mainly on the genetics of each person although there are important aspects such as age, weight and muscle mass of women. When they lose weight after pregnancy or breast-feeding, a lot of women suffer … Continue reading “Exercises to increase breast without surgery”

Length of breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation is a surgery without major complications usually performed on an outpatient basis (without hospitalization) and lasts approximately one to two hours, but it all depends on the complexity of the operation and the size that the patient wishes to achieve. With local anesthesia, the patient can go home the same day. But if … Continue reading “Length of breast augmentation surgery”

Breast implant displacement or rotation

Rotation, displacement or migration of breast implants can occur from the time of their placement or after some time and may be accompanied by certain symptoms like discomfort or distortion of the shape of the breast. It is very rare for this abnormality to occur with a rate below two per cent. In such case it … Continue reading “Breast implant displacement or rotation”

Minimum age recommended for breast augmentation

What is the minimum age recommended for breast augmentation? There is no minimum age for breast augmentation surgery but it is very important that the breasts are fully developed so it is recommended to perform it after the age of 18, the age at which the process of development of secondary sexual characteristics is normally … Continue reading “Minimum age recommended for breast augmentation”